Paid Search Drives 214% ROI on Adspend

PPC Case Study

PPC Proof

I was asked by a large e-commerce client to restructure their Google Adwords campaigns. They had geo-location, time-of-day and keyword bidding restrictions. They also wanted to focus on local competitors. Above you will find results over a 4-month period.

About Me

I have been involved in digital marketing since 2004 and have consulted with over 100 companies including Burger King, ScoreBig, ReachLocal, Hyundai and many more.

I help my clients by empowering them to improve three-fold:

  • First, I make them make more money from the traffic they already have through revenue and business optimizations.
  • Second, I help them convert the traffic they already have at the highest rates possible based upon their primary and secondary conversion goals.
  • Third, I drive incremental traffic to their website through a variety of sources, organic and paid.