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Michael Phelps was all the craze during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. About 20 minutes before his Olympic Gold Record setting race I purchased To be honest, I was extremely surprised that that domain was available and I was quick to snatch it up. I installed WordPress and started posting some articles related to the Olympics, Michael Phelps, and Olympic Gold Records. Within 24 hours I was receiving decent organic search engine traffic for various keywords I was going after. But the real power of Web 2.0 traffic was soon to be discovered.

I searched the web for anything and everything related to Michael Phelps and came to this post on Amazon Askville. First thing I did was create a post on Olympic Gold Record that featured what the question was inquiring about and named the post accordingly. Check out the post here. Next, I went back to Askville and simply answered the original question as a normal web surfer would and provided a link to my site. To my surprise, I started getting some really decent, high quality traffic.

Traffic Stats from 8-31-08 thru 9-15-08!
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I turned those visitors into 2 streams of revenue. First, I put a whole bunch of Adsense Ads in the sidebar and inside of the actual posts where I have earned $21.90 so far to date on clicks. Next, I signed up as an Amazon affiliate and featured 3 Michael Phelps posters that users were purchasing through my site, mostly coming from Askville. Although I have only earned $9.70 as an Amazon affiliate, this still goes to show you how you can take a $10.00 dollar domain and turn it into $30 {SOLD! – $1,500.00} by just writing a non-spammy, insightful, and helpful post!

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