Why Highly Relevant is Perfect for VCs

Oct 11, 2010   //   by Alex Becker   //   No Comments

I write candidly about why Highly Relevant would be a dream investment for Angel Investors and why Venture Capital and Private Equity firms could benefit significantly from us servicing their portfolios. Here are the 3 main reasons:

Existing Client Base, Industry Know How, Brand Identity

  • Most of our business has come in the form of up-sells & referrals because we deliver an ROI to our clients.
  • Highly Relevant is a sick name, in fact, Google uses the exact term inside of Google Analytics

Ability to Service VC, PE or Angel Portfolio

  • You help support us and we can allocate some of the additional resources on the clients in your investment portfolio.
  • Since we specialize in conversion marketing, it’s our job to make our clients more money from the internet. If we can increase internet revenues by 25% and internet revenues account for 50% of total revenues that would be a total revenue increase of 12.5% which allows you to see a higher return and faster.

Intellectual Property, Proprietary Processes & Methodologies

  • We have ideas in the works that are moving slowly because we cannot allocate all of the resources necessary to create these products.
  • With additional support & resources we could easily streamline some of our internal processes with new IP.
  • Our online marketing methodologies work; we up-sell clients and get referrals regularly because of this.
  • We have all of our processes documented and video recorded in a Wiki.

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